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The Chevrolet Sonic car thermostat is manufactured by the Tesla Company of the United States. Tesla Inc. is an American electric vehicle and energy company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and founded by businessman Elon Musk.


specializing in the production of thermostat assembly,water temperature sensor  and heater valve and other auto spare parts.

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Chevy sonic car thermostat replacement steps

The following are the replacement steps of the Chevrolet Sonic car thermostat:

  1. Shut down the engine: Open the hood and remove the thermostat cover fixing screws.
  2. Remove the thermostat from the radiator: Loosen the thermostat fixing screw, remove the thermostat from the radiator, and remove the water pipe joint by the way.
  3. Remove the water pipe joint from the water tank: unscrew the water pipe joint nut, and disengage the water inlet and outlet pipes of the thermostat from the engine hose joint.
  4. Install a new thermostat: align the thermostat vertically with the water tank mouth, slowly tighten the fixing screws with a screwdriver, then connect the water pipe joints, and tighten the nuts by the way. After connecting the water pipe, start the engine, run it for a period of time, and touch the thermostat shell with your hands. If it is not hot, it means that the thermostat is working normally.

It is recommended that you follow the replacement steps of the Chevrolet Sonic car thermostat and compare it with your actual situation. If you do not understand, you can seek help from professionals.

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