Function of Automobile Water Tank Thermostat

What will be the impact if the car water tank is not equipped with a thermostat?

The thermostat is to be installed and cannot be removed easily. Every part of a car has a purpose. If you remove it rashly, it will cause other faults. What’s more, the thermostat is not a big deal, but it has a great effect.

Automobile Water Tank Thermostat

First, the thermostat is not installed on the water tank, but on the engine coolant outlet. Failure to install a thermostat will result in increased fuel consumption and increased engine wear. Because the engine needs to work within a certain temperature range, if the temperature is too high, it will cause frequent detonation and reduce the engine power.

If it is heavy, the lubricating oil cannot form a lubricating oil film, resulting in increased engine wear and even deformation of parts due to high-temperature expansion. Therefore, the engine has a cooling system, and the high-temperature coolant is sent to the front radiator for cooling through pipes to ensure that the engine is not hot.

If there is no thermostat, the coolant will always be in a large circulation state. Initially, when the temperature is low at the beginning, the engine needs a small amount of coolant circulation to heat up faster. Now there is no radiator, and the flow range is larger. The temperature will be delayed if it passes through the cooling water tank directly. Don’t be late.

The idle speed is high when the vehicle is just started. This is because the computer detects that the temperature is too low and controls the injector to inject more fuel. The purpose is to quickly put the engine into operation. Spray more oil in your mouth, and the oil consumption will increase with time.

Automobile Water Tank Thermostat

The thermostat is a gate, which is installed at the water outlet of the engine cooling system and is normally closed. When the engine water temperature is low, the thermostat is closed, and the coolant can only circulate inside the engine, which can make the engine quickly warm up. When the coolant temperature rises to a predetermined value, the thermostat will open automatically.

It can be seen that the cooling system of any engine with thermostat removed or not installed cannot work normally or other engine components are damaged. After the thermostat is removed, the engine is always in a large cycle state., As long as the engine works, the heat of the engine will be continuously distributed to the air, and the water temperature of the engine will not be too high.

When the engine is working, the local temperature of the combustion chamber reaches 2500 ℃, and the average temperature of the combustion chamber is also about 1000 ℃. Therefore, the temperature of the part in direct contact with high-temperature gas will rise sharply. If the high temperature does not dissipate in time, the parts will be damaged, and then the engine will be damaged.

The cooling system exists to meet the needs of engine heat dissipation. The engine with thermostat adopts liquid cooling and water cooling. There are circulating water passages around the engine block and around the cylinder head. After absorbing the combustion heat, the coolant flows to the radiator for heat dissipation. The cooled coolant continues to return to the engine water channel to continue to absorb the engine heat.

At the same time, the products of engine combustion contain acid substances and water vapor, which will also condense on the low-temperature cylinder wall. Acids will erode the oil film of the cylinder wall, react with the cylinder wall electrochemically, and corrode the cylinder wall. Therefore, low water temperature will also lead to increased internal engine wear and shortened engine life.

The optimum operating temperature of each engine is different, so the opening temperature of the thermostat is also different. When selecting the temperature controller, please ensure that the opening temperature of the thermal insulation controller matches. If the opening temperature is too high, it will cause high temperature. The opening temperature is too low, the engine water temperature is insufficient, and the fuel consumption increases.

To sum up, it seems that the thermostat still needs to be installed and is not easy to remove. Small objects have great effect. The above content is a small compilation of personal opinions, and I hope it will be helpful to you. Welcome friends with different opinions to leave a comment below, like to pay attention, and talk about your opinions!

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