how much is a thermostat for a car wholesale

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The car thermostat is about 10$, and the man-hour cost may be more expensive than the material cost when replacing it, but some car owners ask why it costs 300$ to replace a thermostat, which is due to the different engine models and replacement places. Generally speaking, the replacement price of 4S shop is a bit more expensive than that of outside repair shop, but it is more secure.

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Why is it $300 to replace a thermostat?

If the thermostat fails, the main valve will be opened too early or too late. If the main valve is opened too early, it will prolong the engine warm-up time, and at the same time, the engine temperature will be too low, causing internal mechanical wear and acceleration weakness; Opening the main valve too late will cause the water temperature to be too high, which may cause the engine water pipe to rupture, and even cause the engine to be scrapped in severe cases.

Therefore, if the water temperature is too high or too low, it will have a bad effect on the engine. When the water temperature is found to be abnormal, you should go to the nearby repair shop for repairs as soon as possible to avoid irreversible damage to the engine.

The main function of the thermostat is to control the circulation of the coolant according to the temperature of the coolant. The car thermostat is usually installed at the outlet pipe of the cylinder head. The advantage is that the structure is relatively simple and it can discharge the air bubbles in the cooling system. The disadvantage is also obvious. It is often switched on and off when it is working, resulting in oscillation.

The price of a car thermostat is around 10$, and the following is the function of the thermostat:

  1. The function of the car thermostat is to close the car before the temperature reaches the normal temperature. At this time, the engine coolant is returned to the engine through the water pump, and the small circulation in the engine is carried out to make the engine heat up quickly. It can be opened when the normal temperature is exceeded, allowing the coolant to circulate through the entire radiator circuit of the water tank to quickly dissipate heat;
  2. The thermostat is an automatic temperature-regulating device, which usually contains temperature-sensing components. It opens and closes the flow of coolant by expanding or contracting. It is to automatically adjust the amount of water entering the radiator according to the temperature of the cooling liquid. Change the circulation range of the coolant to adjust the heat dissipation capacity of the cooling system;
  3. The thermostat is generally at the junction of the engine and the water tank water pipe, some are on the top, some are on the water pipe, and the one with a slightly oval appearance is inside, and some thermostats are in the water pipe leading to the water tank on the cylinder head. Next to the thermostat there is a small water pipe connected to the water pump.

how much is a thermostat for a car whosale

Between 10$-25$, the thermostat (thermostat) automatically adjusts the amount of water entering the radiator according to the temperature of the cooling water, changes the water circulation range, and adjusts the heat dissipation capacity of the cooling system to ensure that the engine is in a suitable temperature range work inside. The thermostat must be kept in good technical condition, otherwise it will seriously affect the normal operation of the engine. If the main valve of the thermostat is opened too late, it will cause the engine to overheat; if the main valve is opened too early, the engine warm-up time will be prolonged and the engine temperature will be too low. After the engine works normally, if there is no thermostat when driving at high speed in winter, the temperature of the engine may be too low. At this time, the engine needs to temporarily stop the water circulation to ensure that the engine temperature will not be too low.

This one costs about 8$ each, which is not very expensive in terms of price. The car thermostat is to control the size and circulation of the engine coolant. Simply put, it is to let the tired coolant circulate through the engine, and when the temperature reaches the standard value of the thermostat, it will circulate through the water tank.

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