how does a car act when the thermostat is bad?

We all know that the thermostat of a car is an important part of the cooling system. Its main function is to automatically adjust the water temperature to increase the amount of water entering the cooling system, so as to change the range of water circulation and achieve the effect of heat dissipation. If the thermostat fails, the water temperature in the engine will rise, causing the water tank of the car engine to fail, and the life of the engine will also be affected. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance of the thermostat should be observed regularly. Its work is in an abnormal state, and it should be sent for repair and inspection in time for replacement.

A faulty thermostat will affect the life of the engine

The thermostat in the car mainly adjusts the amount of water that automatically enters the radiator around it according to the temperature of the coolant, and further changes the range of water circulation to ensure that a heat dissipation capacity of the cooling system is adjusted so that the engine is at a normal and suitable temperature. work within the range. If the thermostat can maintain a good working condition, it will prolong the life of the engine, otherwise it will affect the life of the engine, because of the internal wear of the furniture engine, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will drop to a certain extent, and the friction surface will not A better oil film can be formed, and the wear amount of parts will increase.


A faulty thermostat will get stuck in a large cycle and the engine will not reach operating temperature

If the thermostat of the car works normally, the car engine can run at a suitable temperature. If the gas is broken, it will be stuck in the position of the large circulation, which will cause the large circulation system inside the car to fail to open normally. If the liquid cannot dissipate heat naturally through the water tank, it is easy to cause the engine to work under overheating conditions for a long time, and over time, the performance of the engine will be reduced.

The maintenance of the thermostat should be checked more frequently

The thermostat of the car itself plays a role in saving energy consumption. In the process of daily maintenance, we need to check the engine when it is just started, and open the water tank cover. If the inside is in a calm state, then it means Thermostat is working normally. When the water temperature in the water tank of the car rises, when the temperature rises to 80 degrees Celsius, if the temperature rise continues to accelerate, it means that the marriage device has failed, and the back cover of the water tank should be opened in time to dissipate heat. If the temperature of the coolant exceeds 110 degrees Celsius, then we need to stop immediately to open the engine compartment cover, check to see if there is a large temperature difference between the upper and lower water pipes, and determine whether the thermostat is faulty.


The thermostat needs to be replaced after driving 50,000 kilometers

When our car has traveled more than 50,000 kilometers, the thermostat needs to be replaced once. This is also the safe life of the marriage gas. If you continue to use it after exceeding this value, it is very likely that the temperature of the cooling water inside the car will be uncontrollable, including the maximum heat dissipation capacity of the thermostat. It will also be affected. When the speed is low, the heat dissipation capacity will be correspondingly reduced, so that the engine will always work in a relatively hot state, which will have a bad impact on the life of the engine. At this time, you need to adjust the corresponding cooling equipment, and perform small circulation by replacing the air inside the radiator to achieve the effect.

All in all, after the car’s thermostat fails, it will have a great impact on the car’s engine, especially its internal water circulation cooling system will be in a down state, which will make the engine always work in a high temperature environment for a long time , shorten the life of the engine. The daily maintenance of the thermostat requires more observations. If the driving mileage exceeds 50,000, it is necessary to replace the thermostat once to ensure the safety of driving.

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