What temperature does a car thermostat open

1 What temperature does the Nissan Sylphy thermostat turn on?

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Purchase tax preferential dealer quotes car owner comments (5773) Nissan Sylphy thermostat is opened around 85-90 degrees. Automobile thermostat is a valve that controls the flow path of engine coolant. It automatically adjusts the amount of water entering the radiator according to the temperature of the cooling water to ensure that the engine works within a suitable temperature range, which can save energy and so on. The following is the fault diagnosis of the thermostat:

  1. The coolant temperature exceeds 110 degrees: stop the engine and open the engine compartment cover, and touch the water (liquid) pipe in the coolant radiator with your hands. The pipe should be very hot. Touch the water (liquid) pipe of the radiator again, it should be very hot. If there is a large temperature difference between the upper and lower water pipes, it is determined that the thermostat is faulty;
  2. If the normal working temperature has not been reached for a long time: stop the engine and let the engine temperature drop to the same temperature, then start the engine and drive, and when the temperature of the dashboard rises to about 70 degrees (not above 80 degrees), stop the engine and turn on the engine For the engine compartment cover, touch the upper and lower water (liquid) pipes of the radiator with your hands. If there is no temperature difference, it is determined that the thermostat is faulty;
  3. Use an infrared thermometer to near the thermostat: use an infrared thermometer to aim at the thermostat shell, and test the temperature change of the water inlet and outlet of the thermostat to determine whether the thermostat is open. When the engine starts, The temperature of the water inlet will increase. At this time, the thermostat is closed. When the water temperature reaches 70 degrees, test the temperature of the water outlet, and it will suddenly increase. At this time, the temperature of the water temperature gauge should be above 80 degrees, indicating that the thermostat is open and working normally. If there is no change in temperature, the thermostat is not working well and needs to be replaced.
What temperature does a car thermostat open

2 How to change the classic antifreeze of Nissan Sylphy

Drain the old coolant and clean the fluid passages with clean water in the future. After draining the water, add new coolant from the water pipe of the water tank (radiator), this is the way to let the coolant enter the water tank quickly. Then add another bucket of coolant to the coolant tank and add until the coolant tank is almost full.

Before completely replacing the coolant, it is necessary to conduct an all-round inspection to see if there are any traces of leakage and cracks in each pipe. The key point is to inspect the five-way water pipe. The interface is named after the coolant. After flowing through the five-way pipe, the coolant is distributed to different parts of the car to play a role. If there is leakage of coolant in this part, the water pipe should be replaced or the interface should be re-fixed according to the situation. When filling the coolant, clean and install the radiator drain plug. If there is a gasket, it is best to replace the screw gasket. Check whether the hose clamps are firmly tightened. Raise the heater hose as much as possible to drain the coolant. Fill to the max position of the liquid storage tank (approximately 6.6L), install the water tank cap, turn on the engine to warm up for ten minutes, idle at 3,000 rpm, and at the same time set the heater temperature regulator to the cool and warm positions, and check The sound of engine coolant flowing, after the liquid level is lowered, continue to perform supplementary flushing.

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