Car Thermostat Cost Quote in china

The price of a car thermostat varies by brand, model, specification, features, material, and more. Here are some reference prices for car thermostats:

  1. Steyr car thermostat: Ruian, Zhejiang ¥40.00.
  2. Steyr thermostat: Ruian, Zhejiang ¥20.00.
  3. Steyr thermostat: Ruian, Zhejiang ¥10.00.
  4. Sinotruk thermostat: Ruian Heping Automobile Electric Appliance Factory ¥10.00 for 10 years.
  5. 536 transactions: Guangzhou Linrui Auto Parts Co., Ltd. ¥40.00 for 4 years.
  6. Suitable for Toyota 90916-03129: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City ¥20.00.
  7. Suitable for Toyota Hiace thermostat 2005-2014 90916-03092 90916-03093: Ruian Thomson Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 1 year ¥40.00.
  8. Return rate: 25%: Zhejiang Ruian City ¥40.00.
  9. Return rate: 18.7%: Zhejiang Ruian City ¥20.00.
  10. 536 sold: Ruian, Zhejiang ¥20.00.
  11. Applicable to Buick Xinyinglang Regal Chevrolet Cruze Malibao Aiwei Ou Jingcheng: Yiwu Chaomin E-commerce Firm 1 year ¥1.00.
  12. Return rate: 4.5%: Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province ¥1.00.
  13. Suitable for Honda 02-06 CRV thermostat thermostat assembly thermostat water temperature regulator: Jinghong Auto Parts Business Firm, Dengfeng Street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City 1 year ¥126.00.
  14. Return rate: 48.7%: Hubei Wuhan City ¥30.00.
  15. Return rate: 35%: Ruian City, Zhejiang ¥70.00.
  16. Return rate: 36.8%: Zhejiang Wenzhou ¥1.00.
  17. A2822000415: Guangzhou Fengming Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8 years ¥1.00.

It should be noted that the above prices are for reference only, and the actual prices may vary due to factors such as regions, brands, models, etc. It is recommended to choose a suitable car thermostat according to your needs and budget.

Our company has professional product research and development ability, and experienced production team. We develop more than 50 models per year. All products adopt high quality raw materials. With advanced ultrasonic and vibration friction welding technology, professional production and testing equipments, we are going to provide reliable, durable, efficient, safe products to customers.

Ningbo Xite Auto parts Co., LTD. established in 2015, specializing in the production of thermostat assemblywater temperature sensor , heater valve and other auto spare parts. 

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